• The strenght of tradition

    An emotion that lives for generations

  • The soul of the territory

    The fruit of the union between the hills and the sea

  • The breath of time

    Dedication, patience and extraordinary passion

Sicilian wines

Drink a sicilian wine selected by Sicitaly is not just “tasting an alcoholic drink” but drink a value: the product of a unique land and sun, the experience of generations, the expertise of continuing research technicians of the best organoleptic and sensorial quality.

“It’s a unique experience, which produces a happy addiction”


Sicitaly has selected the typical wines of Caruso&Minini, which represents an outstanding quality in the Sicilian vineyards.

These products are a happy blend of tradition and modernity, thanks to the particular structure of the lands where typical local vines are cared for, the skill and the scruple at every stage of the production process “from the vineyard to the bottle”, to the use of the most modern oenological techniques. A true and complete sensory experience.

Sicily – Caruso & Minini wines have been internationally established for many years, and have earned a lot of prizes and acknowledgments.

Caruso&Minini Wines

Sicitaly – Caruso&Minini wines represent an outstanding excellence in the Sicilian vineyards.

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