• The soul of the territory

    The fruit of the union between the hills and the sea


Oil, the green gold of our tables, is the precious gift of a widespread and well known plant all over the world and today a symbol of Mediterranean civilization and culture. Sicilian oil has the privilege of being born in one of the most polymorphic geographical environments in the Mediterranean. Its quality, now recognized as an international excellence, contributes to climate change and soils, and knowledge passed through thousands of years of history.


Among Sicily’s most important crops, Sicitaly has selected the DOP and IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara of Belice: one of the most prestigious and prestigious in the world.

The Nocellara of Belice olive tree is a variety that grows only in the Valley of Belice, in an area of about 12,000 hectares – one of the few examples of homogeneous pedo-climatic and agronomic development of the island – outlined mainly by the Castelvetrano district.

It is an ancient plant of these lands, and has always represented and marked traditions, history and economy. Just from Selinunte, one of the most important colonies of Magna Grecia, already 500 years BC this oil conquered the tables throughout the Mediterranean.


The extra virgin Nocellara of Belice oil can be the prince of your table: it is consumed either raw (excellent in salads, on bread, minestrons and vegetables) and cooked (delicious for preparing sauces, roasts and meat That of fish, but also fries, thanks to a particularly high smoke point).

The olives are very big and rich in pulp: they are very good for canteen and snacks, they can also be prepared crushed and seasoned with oil and garlic pieces.

The particular organoleptic qualities of Nocellara del Belice olive oil undoubtedly make this oil one of the best in the world. It has extraordinary health qualities, and highly digestible fat. It is definitely a prime element of the Mediterranean diet, balanced but attentive to taste.


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