Bruchettas and Pestos

The need to preserve food as long as possible has been evident since antiquity, when food availability was conditioned by seasons. Domestic food preservation has always been a widespread habit in our country, rooted in rural tradition and in a valuable bag of knowledge passed down from generation to generation, and now experiencing a moment of happy rediscovery.

Sicitaly bruchettas and pestos

By approaching typical products genuineness, naturalness and typicality often coexist with technology, safety and innovation. But only melding tradition and modernity, it is possible to guarantee the overall quality of each product.

Sicitaly has carefully selected some of the island’s producers to ensure both the quality and the typicality of the raw materials, as well as the safety of all stages of preparation and conservation.

In Sicily, the unmatched quality of garden and garden raw materials is based on elaborations and preparations that are now recognized everywhere: caponata, sicilian pesto, citrus jams, olives and capers … are just some of the pearls of our gastronomic tradition.

Sicitaly bruchettas and pestos

Sicitaly bruschettas and pestos represent an outstanding excellence in the Sicilian wine and food.

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