Mackerel fillets

Mackerel in PGI organic extra virgin olive oil is the product consisting of steamed mackerel fillets (mackerel from the Tyrrhenian Sea), handmade, placed in a specific glass container, closed after filling with the liquid of Government. The product is stabilized by means of a sterilization heat treatment capable of irreversibly activating the enzymes and microorganisms that alter the food.

Mackerel is one of the most useful and appreciated fish in the Mediterranean diet: it is recommended by doctors for its intake of Omega 3 fats, useful for fighting free radicals and cellular aging.

The use of this delicious product in the kitchen is vast: it is an excellent ingredient for countless appetizer recipes, tasty and rustic first courses, and tasty and creative second courses.

The goodness of a product is measured in what remains: nothing. The preservative oil of this product is never thrown away, and a vegan mayonnaise can be used for tariff, combining two parts of oil and one of soy milk, or even as a simple seasoning.


Species: Mackerel
Governing liquid: PGI organic extra virgin olive oil (in compliance with the indications provided for by the applicable European standards)
Salt: Sodium chloride

Data sheet

Cod. 040201 – 040202
Peso netto: 290 g – 535 g
Produced in: Italy
Region: Sicily

Fishing Area : Mediterranean Sea ; Area Fao: 37.2.2 e 37.1.3

Storage life: 36 months from the production date

 13,80 19,80