Anchovy fillets

It is called salted Anchovy fillets in IGP organic extra virgin olive oil, product
 obtained from the processing of salted anchovies from the enzymatic maturation in
 brine of fresh anchovies, filleted and filled with the government liquid.

Anchovies are one of the most used and appreciated fish of the Mediterranean diet.
 It is a truly rich food with excellent nutritional characteristics, as it 
contains abundant proteins of excellent quality, a very high content of minerals,
 and has an interesting supply of Omega 3 fatty acids, useful for fighting free
radicals and aging of cells. 

The use in Mediterranean kitchen is vast, because they are versatile and suitable
 for the preparation of numerous healthy dishes: they are in fact an excellent
 ingredient for countless recipes for appetizers, tasty and rustic first courses,
 and creative second courses.


Species: Anchovies
Governing liquid: PGI organic extra virgin olive oil (in compliance with the indications provided for by the applicable European standards)
Salt: brine

Data sheet

Cod. 0400203
Net weight: 205 g
Produced in: Italy
Region: Sicily

Fishing Area : Mediterranean Sea ; Area Fao: 37.2.2 e 37.1.3

Storage life: 36 months from the production date


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