Bluefin tuna pieces (Buzzonaglia)

It is called Buzzonaglia (“pieces”) of Bluefin tuna in PGI organic extra virgin olive oil, the product consisting of various portions of fish (Mediterranean bluefin tuna) steamed and processed by hand, placed in a specific glass container, closed after filling with the steering fluid. The product is stabilized by means of a sterilization heat treatment capable of irreversibly inactivating the enzymes and microorganisms that can alter the food.

Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) is a fish with delicate and tasty meats that are highly appreciated, rich in healthy properties for our body, in particular Omega 3, useful for fighting free radicals and cellular aging.

Buzzonaglia is the part of the fillet that is located close to the central bone, the backbone of the fish. It has an intense flavor and a dark color and is appreciated above all for its softness.

The use of this delicious Tuna in the kitchen is vast: it is an excellent ingredient for countless appetizer recipes, tasty and rustic first courses, and creative second courses.

The goodness of a product is measured in what remains: nothing. The preservative oil of this product is never thrown away, and can be used to make a vegan mayonnaise, combining two parts of oil and one of soy milk, or even as a simple seasoning.


Species: Bluefin tuna
Governing liquid: PGI organic extra virgin olive oil (in compliance with the indications provided for by the applicable European standards)
Salt: sea salt

Data sheet

Cod. 040104-040105
Net weight: 190 g – 320 g
Produced in Italy
Region: Sicily

Fishing Area : Mediterranean Sea ; Area Fao: 37.2.2 e 37.1.3

Storage life: 36 months from the production date

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