• Traditional Sicilian products

    We offer the most exclusive wines
    and specialties from Sicily

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  • Theme-driven tourism

    We tailor personal Sicilian trips
    to explore the beautiful island

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  • Events & Wedding

    We offer the most exclusive
    locations to host your events

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Typical Sicilian products

Sicitaly choses and proposes the most representative Sicilian specialties, known to be one of the best in the world!

Particular attention was given to the typical Sicilian products that have been accompanying human beings throughout the centuries such as wine & oil. Sicitaly is also specialized in many other typical Sicilian products like cherry-tomatoes, pistachio and fruit conserve.

The variety of products chosen are the result of a wide and careful selection of producers that have worked in partnership with Sicitaly. Each producer was picked based on quality certificate criteria.

The project

Sicitaly® is a new and original project built over strong knowledge & solid professionalism, born to give further value to the richness of this beautiful island. We want to promote the Sicilian way of lifeas a synonymous of high “quality of life” and “mediterraneanity”.

Unique and integrated modular brand

It offers the best typical Sicilian products, tourism, events & wedding planning in the most suggestive locations.

Guarantee of quality

It’s built over a careful selection of products & services.


It’s meant to satisfy all of those who wish to encounter the beauty of Sicily, the unique flavors, her dreamful sights and the best quality.


A state of mind, a particular point of view, a nice and good way to enjoy life.

There have been many things written and said about Sicily, Sicilians and the Sicilianity but the truth of the matter is that no definition would ever really describe the richness, variety and the quality of this island. Sicily is a treasure chest made of colors, flavors, traditions, emotions, culture & beauty. A quality asset available to all of those who want to discover it.

Someone said…

I do not envy God in Heaven because
I am well satisfied to live in Sicily

Without Sicily, Italy creates no image in the soul:
here is the key to everything

The influence of Spanish culture is the last of the series, the first is the Greek, the second and third are Saracen and Norman; the Renaissance lightly touched her.

The most beautiful region of Italy:
unprecedented orgy of colors, scents, lights, a great pleasure

The experiences

Sicitaly has chosen suggestive locations and well-fitted structures to organize meetings, conferences, workshops.

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